A story of womanhood, happiness and independent thinking.

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A lucid nightmare, Eudaimonia is the story of empowerment in the face of absolute control.


In a world without happiness Sister Grace battles The Order in a fight for self realisation that begins and ends with hope. Become fully immersed in a dark future where freedom of any kind has been abandoned and witness an epiphany that completely reshapes the world. Silence of the voice and mind are battled through instinct and courage as Sister Grace discovers the truth about her world. Embracing her own mental powers and emotional needs is an act of complete rebellion that allows Grace to come one step closer to eudaimonia.

two nuns read books

Director’s statement

Eudaimonia is focused on the viewer and one’s participation as an active audience. Immersing one into the world of the convent inspired by the systematic oppression of women, with its medieval misconceptions of a female body and oppressed social status that can still be found in 21st century. It is in viewer’s power to decide to unravel the mystery of the convent and master the image, alongside Grace who is experiencing her awakening to find hope. Questioning the imposed dogma, thinking critically about the surrounding ideology and exercising one’s moral and rational decision making is something that Eudaimonia asks from the audience. As the word itself originates from ancient Greek philosophy, more precisely the idea of happiness, where one is only happy when active, in the process of achieving it. The elusive feeling of the satisfaction only comes to those who are seeking and striving towards something that challenges the status quo. Eudaimonia rewards the viewer with a satisfaction that is similar to Grace and Hope’s unique bond, representing love, compassion and independent thinking that drives the change that reshapes one's perception.
-Juri Krutii